The Magic Nights of the Winebus On this program on the Saturdays of July and August we get out from Madrid at around 3 PM. We visit a winery. We listen to nice stories and drink their wines. And then we go to towns not far from Madrid in festivities. We might arrive to Madrid

Pedraza We are saying all the time that everything is more beautiful if we have a glass of good wine in our hand. But knowing that we are looking for the most beautiful places around Madrid to visit. We find that Pedraza is one of the most beautiful villages of Spain. It does not matter

Sunset in Pedraza I love sunsets. And if you are in the right place with the apropiate company is even better. And if you do it with a glass of good wine in hand then you are in heaven. Pedraza is amazing no matter if you are going in the morning or the afternoon, if

Pedraza, the medieval town at 100 kms from Madrid is beautiful no matter where you look at. And a very good place for pairing wine of Ribera de Duero, roasted lamb and salad. At least that is what many people from Madrid do every week end when coming to this town. If you come to

Time depart 15,15 h ( Hotel Claridge cafeteria, Plaza del Conde de Casal ). On Saturday July 11th we are going to do just the same we did last year. Step by step. This is the 4th year we go. We enjoyed a lot the first time. We enjoyed the second, and since the third we

On Saturday January 24 we are going to a winery that is breaking ways of doing things. A winery with an amazing setting, in which when you visit it you think you have moved to the XVI century, with fantastic and very representative wines of the good job that is being done in Ribera del

We didn’t arrive in time to see the sunset from Pedraza, but it was only because we were enjoying ourselves so much at Bodegas Ismael Arroyo that we weren’t able to leave in time. For this reason, the sunset surprised us about 10km out from Pedraza. The sky was so full of color that my

Price of the trip (59 euros. (Dinner not included 15 euros optional) (Depart 16 h)(Cafetería Hotel Claridge, Plaza del Conde de Casal) To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to, or calling to 630 099 630. There are discounts for groups and members of the Winebus Club. (Booking with 25 euros you will pay the