Visiting wineries is like the universe. It is infinite. You might think you have seen everything when you have visited some of them. But there is always a new surprise. Somebody has found a new way of doing something. On this actual world is important you are doing things some other way from your competitors.

An old winery or a modern winery. You find 15th and 16th century monuments anywhere in Spain. a good debate in wine tourism. If they made me this question about what to visit I would say I need more information. But if you have to choose go to visit the old one. The winery to be

Another odd religion? Or a very special winemaker of Ribera del Duero? Is this young lady praying and bowing to the priest in front of him? Another religion you had not heard of? A winemaker that has such a particular speach that when visitors are going to his vineyard he invites them to smell the earth?

Monasterio de Valbuena in the middle of Ribera del Duero There are so many things to do in Ribera del Duero besides drinking amazing good wines!!! For instance to visit the (Monasterio de Valbuena) (Valbuena Abbey) in the heart of Ribera del Duero, very, very closed to what has been considered the golden mile because of