Recommendations for getting into a Spanish Parador If I were a foreigner that has come a few times to Spain. I would consider to use the network of Paradores Nacionales to use them as hotels during you time in Spain. And I would do that for many reasons 1 Because they all located in towns

A sunset with a glass of wine in hand We are looking at the end of the day sunsets that can end a journey with a huge smile in our faces. I love watching sunsets on the sea. I look at them as if it was the first time I see it. But I even

View of the roof of Bodegas Protos from the Castillo de Peñafiel. It represents a bunch of grapes. Is the architecture important to make a stronger image of a wine brand? It is one of the ways to transmit that message. This winery was designed by the architect Richard Rogers-Alonso Balaguer. The Ribera de Duero