Visiting wineries is like the universe. It is infinite. You might think you have seen everything when you have visited some of them. But there is always a new surprise. Somebody has found a new way of doing something. On this actual world is important you are doing things some other way from your competitors.

View of the roof of Bodegas Protos from the Castillo de Peñafiel. It represents a bunch of grapes. Is the architecture important to make a stronger image of a wine brand? It is one of the ways to transmit that message. This winery was designed by the architect Richard Rogers-Alonso Balaguer. The Ribera de Duero

Controlling the temperatures of fermentations, you can make the good wine Somebody said that modern wine making is the art of controlling temperatures. When you are in front of a good wine and with the wine maker you disagree with such a simple definition. That is why I do no get tired of visiting wineries