La Mancha is the the largest surface of vineyard in the world. It might one of the best áreas in Spain for growing grapes of good quality. At least that is what several wineries with experience in other areas of Spain have decided to open on this 21 th centuriy a winery on this land. So, it is interesting to realice how this área has the wineries with the most new technologies and also the oldest. La Mancha could be the most picturesque área of Spain for that reason. And, on the other hand we have Toledo as an historic town of medieval era and villages as Consuegra, Campo de Criptana and La Mota del Cuervo, all of them with amazing windmills, and the best places for doing birdwatching. We also do that things on the Winebus because we consider taht everything is better with a glass of wine in hand.  

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    In the Medieval Castle and the Windmills of Consuegra June 2016


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