Is a horse biting a bull’s ear in that picture? It’s not possible. I am in love with Seville. I love its life in its streets. And I love to go for tapas in their bars. The level of their tapas is for me the highest in Spain. There are other cities that are at

The bell tower of the cathedral of Segovia One before visiting Segovia, it is thought that yes, there is the cathedral of Segovia, but that being the Roman aqueduct of two thousand years ago and the Alcazar of Segovia, so important in the history of Spain and in the life of Usabel la Catolica and

Drinking wine 5 centuries ago in Ribera del Duero It was not really 5 centuries ago it was much earlier. Before the Romans. When the vacceos lived in this region there is evidence that they already drank wine and that rmRibera grapes were going to give talk. Then the Romans came and steep the elbow

Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. I saw this phrase and what the phrase says happened to me. I take my breath away. We are in this world to live worthwhile moments, moments that make you lose your breath. When you

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza were on one of our tours. At the beginning of the tour, I didn’t pay much attention. I thought they were dressed quite strangely. But after being in La Mancha watching the windmills, the tallest began to say that he only saw giants. Giants? Where? Right in front of us!

Ribera del Duero white wines. Many things are moving in Ribera del Duero I love Ribera del Duero. Maybe because I go frequently and I know certain projects thoroughly. I love their wines and their stories. A recent history of Ribera del Duero is that in the Appellation of Origin of Ribera del Duero they

Visits to the winery, so that instead of having to sell wine, they buy it from you. I have been writing for many years about the immense possibilities that winemakers open their cellars for the visit of visitors and tourists. I started writing in a blog about how the possibilities of a winemaker and his

Following the steps of don Quijote. What to visit in la Mancha. Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember. I am a devoted fan of Don Quijote and Cervantes. An amazing thing is happening to me with La Mancha. Surely those who come with me to visit it feel satisfied with