We like to show our country with a glass of wine in hand. Most of our clients are foreigners. They are people who are attracted to Madrid by a very diverse number of charms. To Spain come 83 million tourists. This is a figure that continues to grow every year. 60% of them are English,

To visit the wall of Avila is for me an unforgettable experience. For a multitude of reasons. First, it is striking that there may be a wall built over a thousand years ago and it seems it was built yesterday. I am Spanish. It is foreigners who have reminded me that we have an amazing

A wine tasting in a winery, a very special experience My first approach to the world of wine was to write about how new technologies could help wineries relate to the final consumer. This was a huge change. The wineries, which have a very small commercialization margin and in what they know how to compete

In a filling line of rosé wine. Many years ago I visited filling lines of manufacturers of soft drinks (Coca Cola / Pepsi Cola). There was a job that was the supervisor of the filling line. The function was to be staring at how the bottles passed in front and check that all the bottles

Wine and travel visitors are especially attractive We are lucky people. The activity we offer allows us to meet very interesting people who also come with the best of attitudes. They are not just people who like wine but move to visit wineries, travel and meet other people. All these characteristics define a specific profile.

Is a horse biting a bull’s ear in that picture? It’s not possible. I am in love with Seville. I love its life in its streets. And I love to go for tapas in their bars. The level of their tapas is for me the highest in Spain. Other cities are at a similar level

In our Segovia Wine tour, we visit the Cathedral of Segovia. The Cathedral Tower. The secret gem of Segovia. The bell tower of the cathedral of Segovia. When you visit Segovia, do not miss to visit the cathedral of Segovia. But in this town, there is also the Roman Aqueduct, two thousand years old. And

The history of wine began in Mesopotamia and Armenia It was not really 5 centuries ago. It was much earlier. Before the Romans. When the vacceos lived in this region there is evidence that they already drank wine. It is said that the history of wine began in Mesopotamia and Armenia 5000 years before Christ.