Why oak barrels for wine? If right now we stand before a crianza, reserva or gran reserva wine, and we look for something in common, surely a barrel will automatically come to mind. And it is that without a doubt, our understanding would find it strange not to associate the concepts of wine and barrels.

Online Wine Tasting Madrid. We first make a virtual visit to the windmills of La Mancha  Visiting wineries from Madrid with Winebus.es has been rated as excellent in 93% by our clients in Tripadvisor. Now we suggest a virtual visit to the Windmills of Consuegra, a winery of La Mancha and a real wine tasting. We send you

When does the harvest start? Wine festivals. As if it were a migratory bird, the harvest progresses through Spain without delay in just over two intense months. The enormous climatic variability of the peninsula and its islands means that by the end of July the first bunches of grapes can already be harvested, with the

Parade of the three wise men At the Winebus, we are lucky to find memorable moments. Moments that one would think would never live. But that in our case it just happens. For our visitor everything is new. He is delighted with what he finds with what we show him. But for us, who have

The Festivity of la Rosa del Azafrán after visiting Bodegas Pago del Vicario. An unforgettable event. We are very lucky. We had a great time on many of our trips. We enjoy visiting the real Spain. You know, and if I don’t tell you, we intend to bring our visitors all that worthwhile point in

What to see in Medina del Campo? A lot of things. Medina del Campo is a great medieval city forgotten by the rise of Madrid. It is also forgotten when somebody goes to visit wineries in Rueda, which is only 10 miles away. Medina del Campo is a city enormously rich in history. It is

Cuenca at night, unforgettable if you come to Spain Cuenca is the city that if you come to Spain you would not visit in the past, because Toledo, Segovia, Avila were much better communicated The AVE (fast speed train) you were in Segovia and Toledo from Madrid in 25 minutes, 1 hour by car Cuenca

How do you say in Spanish “Vale”? It means “ok” but it is much more than ok. I attach a video. It is an ad made by Estrella Damm, a local beer brand that tells a story that might happen in one of our tours that come to my hair to tell what happens on