Where does America name origin come from? Should America have been called Colombia? Calling America was the award that Américo Vespucio received posthumously. Américo was the best publicist of the XV and XVI century. Is it unfair that Christopher Columbus was deprived of the honor of naming the continent he discovered after him and that

Passion for what you do. Ennio the teacher. Wine tourism. Enjoying with the five senses. First, there was the silent movies. Then came the sound movies. Later… Ennio Morricone arrived… I just saw the movie Ennio el Maestro at the cinema. Ennio: The maestro (Trailer) I was greatly impacted by the film for many reasons.

Solo travel in Madrid Wine tours. Solo travelers might have not been very well attended to when they travel. You get the impression that all tourism has been designed for people who travel with other people and this does not have to be true. That is real for solo male travelers and solo female travelers.

The best wine bars in Madrid and gourmet shops for wine lovers visiting the capital.  If, apart from drinking wines in the capital, you would like to take a wine tour during the day from Madrid, click here. Madrid Wine tours I am writing this post for the visitors of our tours who repeatedly ask

History of wine in the world and seen from Ribera del Duero. Wine Origin The history of wine begins 5,000 years before Christ in China, Mesopotamia, and Georgia. Burning sun and some grapes begin to ferment. Someone eats those grapes and starts laughing nonstop. 1000 years before Christ are the Phoenicians, good merchants, and navigators

Do you want to know which charming wineries near Madrid can be visited? If you want to do wine-guided tours from Madrid click here Yua can answer to your question.Which are the wineries near me There is a lot of charm in the Community of Madrid. Surely the economic power of Madrid has converted a

Castles near Madrid.  There is plenty of castles near Madrid. Do you want to make our Castle and Medieval Towns Wine Tour? Click in here The provinces that surround Madrid are called Castilla because of the number of castles there are. Why so many? In the middle Age in Europe nobles occupied their time doing

Why oak wine barrels? What is the purpose? If right now we stand before a crianza, reserva or gran reserva wine, and we look for something in common, surely oak wine barrels will automatically come to mind. And it is that without a doubt, our understanding would find it strange not to associate the concepts