Trying to be ahead of the times. El Lagar de Isilla, one of the best hotels in Ribera del Duero I have a deep admiration for Jose Zapatero, the owner of El Lagar de Isilla. His passion for his work, for work so many hours without thereby losing the enthusiasm and passion. He told us not long ago the

Wine and cheese pairings tour. The first step of this wine and cheese tour is wine. Don’t you listen and feel the fauna and flora in this vineyard? Finca Las Caraballas. It was quite an unusual tour, but many tours we are doing are becoming more and more unusual, which is wonderful. I am still

Golf and wine tours. A very nice pairing. We know through our clients that many, in addition to loving coming to visit wineries, love to play golf. And we know that these two types of hobbies are not mutually exclusive. That is why we made this post. We know that many of them who come

If you are a wine lover visiting Madrid  we propose to consider to book for 3 Day Trips from Madrid We are having an extraordinary experience with the people who come to our tours. We are lucky that we love to visit wineries and taste good wines during the visit to them. And we are

Wine Tasting Tour Madrid Spain Do you know that Spain is one of the three wine-producing countries in the world? They make about 5 million tons of wine annually and boast of over 4000 wineries that produce the best red and white wines, including liqueurs. Vineyards are part of Spain’s cultural heritage, and if you

We like to show our country with a glass of wine in hand. Most of our clients are foreigners. They are people who are attracted to Madrid by a very diverse number of charms. To Spain come 83 million tourists. This is a figure that continues to grow every year. 60% of them are English,

To visit the wall of Avila is for me an unforgettable experience. For a multitude of reasons. First, it is striking that there may be a wall built over a thousand years ago and it seems it was built yesterday. I am Spanish. It is foreigners who have reminded me that we have an amazing

A wine tasting in a winery, a very special experience My first approach to the world of wine was to write about how new technologies could help wineries relate to the final consumer. This was a huge change. The wineries, which have a very small commercialization margin and in what they know how to compete