Bodegas López Cristóbal, a very especial winery in Ribera del Duero. When I was in Aranda at a meeting between wineries and bloggers, I knew my visit to the López Cristóbal Winery was going to be something special. At that meeting –where 13 wineries from Ribera de Duero were present– I talked to Galo, who

Everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. Mushroom and wine tour. Picking mushrooms while tasting wines In our tours, we distinguish standard tours from thematic tours. The themed tours were not intended as a whole beforehand. This type of tours came from our hearts, that is, what we really felt like

The Valbuena Monastery in the heart of Ribera del Duero There are so many things to do in Ribera del Duero besides drinking incredible wines! For example, to visit the Monastery of Valbuena in the heart of Ribera del Duero, very, very close to what has been considered the golden mile due to its excellent

Bodegas Mocen. Rueda tours. Differentiate yourself through art and culture When I visit a winery I am not looking for how it is similar to other wineries. All wineries have many features in common. If that is what you want to see, head to the Peñafiel wine museum. There it is explained exhaustively how the

The Toro Wine Festival is something worth enjoying in the first person. It was a memorable trip. This is an annual wine festival.  We try to do different things every time we go out on each of our tours. Toro is 60 km from Valladolid capital. Toro’s wines are sensational. In the past, it was

Isabel and Fernando. First kings of Spain in the 15th century. She and he both rule. The stage of Isabel la Católica and Fernando de Aragón is a fascinating stage. It is the accelerated passage from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. A character like Isabel la Católica appears with an immense power that

Penafiel and Bodegas Protos are places we visit quite often during our visits to Ribera Del Duero. Visiting and sleeping in Penafiel When somebody goes to Peñafiel, the first thinking is about visiting the “Museo del Vino” in the castle of Penafiel. As you arrive to Peñafiel you can see the castle, from several miles of distance.

Aranda de Duero Spain is not really the capital of Ribera del Duero And that is because Ribera del Duero is largely in the province of Burgos, much of the province of Valladolid. A small portion of Soria and a part of Segovia This year 2020 Aranda de Duero is the European capital of wine