1 – 8159 € (per person)

(Small group guaranteed)

What You Can Expect on this tour.

In the mid-sixteenth century, the Spanish King Philip II decided that the capital of Spain would be Madrid. He did so to take power away from the church and the nobles. That was bad for the economies of several towns in Madrid. But we, in the 21st century, are fortunate because we can see those towns as they were many centuries ago.

This is the case of Avila. Avila has the best preserved medieval Wall of Europe.

Visiting that city and walking over the Wall is a great pleasure because you can believe that you are a soldier in the year 1200 and the Wall is in perfect conservation.

We will also enter the Cathedral, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain. That cathedral is part of the medieval Wall. Then we will have the privilege of looking at the city from the outside. Many times we can do it during sunset or maybe when the darkness has arrived . The city looks even more beautiful lit by thousands of lights. A completely different town.

But in our journey wine is also the other protagonist of the tour.

That’s why we visit first, the city of Rueda, not far from Avila with beautiful wineries and attractive wines, some of them with incredible facilities and stories as attractive as the city of Avila. After having visited the winery and tasting the wines we will have a quick lunch (tapas and wine) (15 euros additional) to have enough time to enjoy everything we can of the town of Ávila.

On this tour, there is sometimes a debate about what is better. Whether visiting the wineries in Rueda or visiting Ávila later. And we always say that the best is the combination of both experiences, because we believe that everything is much more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. (The wine that is in Rueda is white but we will have white and red wines on the tasting).

If you decide to come please tell us which is your impression on that debate.

After what you have read, we try to make you know that this a pleasure for your eyes, but also for your taste and smell with the beautiful wines that we are going to taste, but also with the stories you will hear. Our goal is to make you do it slowly, and in this way to make you enjoy with the 5 senses.

Tell us at the end of the tour if we have achieved it because that is our best price.

We will visit Rueda, an important area where you can find out the most popular white wine in Spain. If you visit the village of Rueda, you will believe that you are visiting a typical western village with a single high street. The kind of wine they ellaborate there is called “Vino Blanco con uvas de verdejo” (“White vine with verdejo grapes” in English) This grape is so special and once you taste it, you will not forget its flavour and taste.

Wine is the most impressive thing that visitors will find out in Rueda and everyone can see the underground caves that were built five centuries ago. According to the experts, the local wine producers only had this option in order to keep its final products in safe places during the whole year by digging into the earth and having the wine resting there before selling. New and improved techniques were introduced later, but the majority of the wineries were closed in the 50s and 60s and the few that remained in the same place bought the undergorund caves to those people who sold their properties to the rest of the producers.

Nowadays, visitors can see endless galleries that are owned by the most important wineries in Rueda. In addition, there are several stunning medieval places near Rueda such as Tordesillas, Ávila, Olmedo and Medina del Campo, among other examples.

Its cultural legacy is outstanding and a large number of people will learn more useful facts about Spain and its old kingdoms by visiting some old castles, cathedrals, churches and other relevant monuments.

At Winebus we would like to get new nice stories from other people and we believe that their feedback can be better if we listen to them with a good wine glass in hand, and that is actually what we try to do after finishing our activities in other Spanish regions.

Lunch is not included in the price of the tour and visitors will have other different options that can be from 15 to 45 euros.

Tour Program

  • Depart from Madrid , Hotel Claridge (Cafetería), Plaza del Conde de Casal 6, 28007 Madrid (see on map)
  • Winery guided visit.
  • Lunch.
  • Activity in the afternoon. (Visit of Avila)
  • Depart to Madrid.



  • Wine tasting
  • Entrance fees
  • All activities
  • Small group tour
  • Transport by air conditioned vehicle
  • Local Professional Guide


  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities (Recommended)

Additional info

  • Minimum drinking age is 18 years
  • Dress code is smart casual
  • May be operated by a bilingual guide (Spanish and English)
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Departure time 9:30 AM

Bodegas Mocén and Santa Teresa light up Ávila

Bodegas Mocén and Ávila

Ávila wine tour