Who was el Cid Campeador? El Cid Campeador, whose real name was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, was a prominent warrior and military hero of medieval Spain. He was born around the year 1043 and died in 1099. He is a legendary figure in Spanish history, known for his military exploits during the Reconquista, a period

The Ventano del Diablo is a well-known viewpoint located approximately 30 minutes from the city of Cuenca in Spain. The term “Ventano del Diablo” translates to “Devil’s Window” in English. This location is famous for its breathtaking views and unique geological formations. Here’s a general guide on how you might reach the Ventano del Diablo

Do you want to know which charming wineries near Madrid can be visited? If you want to do wine-guided tours from Madrid click here Yua can answer to your question.Which are the wineries near me There is a lot of charm in the Community of Madrid. Surely the economic power of Madrid has converted a

Why oak wine barrels? What is the purpose? If right now we stand before a crianza, reserva or gran reserva wine, and we look for something in common, surely oak wine barrels will automatically come to mind. And it is that without a doubt, our understanding would find it strange not to associate the concepts

Parade of the three wise men At the Winebus, we are lucky to find memorable moments. Moments that one would think would never live. But that in our case it just happens. For our visitor everything is new. He is delighted with what he finds with what we show him. But for us, who have

Cuenca at night, an unforgettable experience. The city of Cuenca has been nominated as Unesco World Heritage Site. This town was reconquered by Alfonso VIII from the Muslims in 1177.  It is the city that if you come to Spain you would not have visited in the past, because Toledo, Segovia, Avila, in central Spain

How do you say in Spanish “Vale”? It means “ok” … and much more. I attach a video. It is an ad made by Estrella Damm, a local beer brand that tells a story that might happen in one of our tours that come to my hair to tell what happens on our tours. In

Everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. Mushroom and wine tour. Picking mushrooms while tasting wines In our tours, we distinguish standard tours from thematic tours. The themed tours were not intended as a whole beforehand. This type of tours came from our hearts, that is, what we really felt like