Folding sails in the windmills of Don Quijote.
Folding sails in the windmills of Consuegra.

The wonders of our country

I am very fortunate to have been born in this country and I can have seen the windmills of La Mancha.

Probably you have read the book of don Quijote or simply you know what it is about.

When  I was 10 or 12 years old they made me to read it in school. And I did not understand a word. I did not understand what they said or what was happening. I was a city boy to whom the story of a gentleman from La Mancha came very far.

And I turned years and I grew up and I traveled aorund the world. And I thought that we had to go far to see extraordinary things. And so I did. I went very far and I came across wonderful things in different parts of the world. And I enjoyed it, because there is nothing like traveling and enjoying the five senses.

And wine appeared in my life, and its stories. I discovered that I loved stories. In the wine sector they tell incredible stories. I realized that the stories they told me were much better if I heard them with a glass of wine in my hand. Began to discover my own country showing to close friends and relatives. I got amazed myself of what I was finding in very different places.

Now I am dedicated to showing those places to foreigners and it is for me an unspeakable pleasure to do it with people who see it for the first time.

And I discover that, after having traveled all over the world that my own country, Spain, gathers authentic jewels.

One of them is the visit to the windmills of La Mancha.


The windmills of La Mancha

It happens in this country in many things that have to be accepted when they are  admired in the whole world so that the Spaniards themselves begin to recognize that we have an extraordinary country.

I have gone many times to the windmills of La Mancha, typical landscape of our country. And I have my prize. My prize is to see things that others do not see. My prize9 is to see what others have to imagine.

The windmills are no longer used for grinding. There are much more efficient systems to do it. Much of the charm of the mills is that they are part of a past that is no longer. But it is a past that one can understand much better seeing this marvel working. The mills of La Mancha usually operate once a month to the delight of visitors. And that if there is wind that day. So, the probability of seeing it working is not high.

And one can have the luck to see it working but not see how they put the candles or take them out as if they were a boat, or folding candles as we do in this case. Because in this way one has less to imagine things. You do not have to listen to how things worked. One or can do something much better. One can feel that this happens without needing to be told. And one grows the hair on the arms of emotion.

And you understand perfectly that Don Quixote was not crazy. Why was he crazy? Because he thought the mills were giant? Do you know what happens? That I also think they are giants. Come to see it with your own eyes and tell us what you feel. Were they giant or not?

And if you do it with us, we probably do it in a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine in your hand.

We will wait for you here

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of

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