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Wine Tasting Tour Madrid Spain

Do you know that Spain is one of the three wine-producing countries in the world? They make about 5 million tons of wine annually and boast of over 4000 wineries that produce the best red and white wines, including liqueurs. Vineyards are part of Spain’s cultural heritage, and if you are thinking of visiting Spain any time soon, don’t just stop at the bars that litter Madrid, drink from the source on a wine day tour with us.

Winebus will take you on a unique wine tasting tour beyond Rioja and Ribera del Duero into the heart of Madrid’s best for an experience you will never forget – after all, everything tastes better with a glass of wine. With us, you will not be drinking wines at bars and restaurants anymore, but straight from the source.

A Trip to Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the capital of Spain, with a population of almost 3,5 million people living in the cosmopolitan city. However, beyond its stunning architecture, charm, and ambiance, let this capital seduce you with its luscious and historic wines that date back centuries ago. Wine tasting tours are the perfect way for visitors to truly see the elegance of Madrid and learn more about history too. Its wines tasting section can be anything from a private session to a corporate or celebratory gathering for up to 20 people or more.

For wine lovers, Madrid is a city with hundreds of options and with more places to see like the museums of contemporary art, the Santiago Bernabeu, and the very many tapas to taste around Spain, you can never get bored. So while you soak in the beauty and geometry of the city, remember that the most exciting wines tasting experience lies ahead of you.

Why Madrid, Spain

Unlike other cosmopolitan cities around Europe, Madrid is easy to navigate. The city’s architectural plan makes it very manageable and with copious transportation systems to convey you from one spot to another, good roads, and links are everywhere to ensure every tour is as smooth as it gets.

As elegant as Madrid and life is, to truly experience the unique roots of Spain, you will need to travel outside the big cities back 5 centuries into the foundation, history, and culture of Spanish vineyards and wine-making in a once in a lifetime trip with ww.winebus.es/en/ today.

Wine Tasting Sites in Madrid

When you talk wine tour and tasting, you cannot but mention the two most popular sites in the whole of Spain – the Rioja and Ribera Del Duero. These are the epicenter of Spanish wine blending beautifully old and new techniques to produce the most unique wines that are agreeable with most palettes. However, because Spain is a wine countryside, Winebus will take you into a unique center to places like Ribera Del Duero, Rueda, and La Mancha, all of which are just miles away from Madrid.

Rueda Wineries

If you love white wine, then you must take the wine tour to the Ruede region. Winemaking in this region dates back to the 10th century and is known for using cutting edge technology to produce delightful, refreshing, and aromatically crisp wines that are full of flavors. When visiting this region, bring your camera along as you will fall in love with the beautiful landscapes like the Duero River, medieval castles, and lush green land worthy of a snap. The ambiance will not be complete without a bottle of Rueda Verdejo to take back home. It pairs well with fresh shellfish and seafood, enhancing their buttery flavor and sweetness.

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La Mancha

As the largest and oldest delimited wine region in the whole of Europe, La Macha dates back to the 7th century. This famous wine region is laden by plenty of castles, 8 villages, 12 wineries spread over 17,000 acres of land producing some of the finest wine in Spain. With a variety of wines to taste, La Macha has wines of all ages, including white, rose, and reds aged in oak barrels with different maturity periods.

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Vinos de Madrid

If you live in the United States and have seen a bottle from this winery, then do not fail to visit the source when you come to Madrid. Although this is not a winery, the region does contain a couple of wineries that visitors can enjoy excellent wine tasting. Our wine tours offers a half-day tour of 5 hours giving you a taste of the region’s white, rose, and red wines from pressed grapes that produce sparkling wines you will never forget.

Visiting Vinos will allow you to tour its 44 wineries across 54 municipalities with vineyards covering 88.6 square kilometers. Some varieties you must taste are Malvar, Grano Menudo, and Garnacha.

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Ribera Del Duero

The Wine Spectator described Ribera del Duero is the best wine region in the world since 2011 but it showcases more than just good wine. A visit to the Ribera Del Duero takes you through the food, history, old architectural past, and structure, lush landscape, castle, and fiestas
into the DNA of Spanish wines.

If you are looking to taste some really concentrated wines that have aged well, Ribera Del Duero is the place to be.

Spanish wines are incredibly popular among foreign visitors, but knowing where to taste the best depends on the tour guide.

At www.winebus.es/en/, we want to give all our visitors an unforgettable experience that will tantalize their taste buds, and leave an impression of Spain in their memory forever. We want to leave you satisfied, but speechless, a word is all that matters.
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