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Ennio el Maestro

Passion for what you do. Ennio the teacher. Wine tourism. Enjoying with the five senses.

First, there was the silent movies. Then came the sound movies. Later… Ennio Morricone arrived…

I just saw the movie Ennio el Maestro at the cinema.

Ennio: The maestro (Trailer)

I was greatly impacted by the film for many reasons.

One of them was that I met a guy who has been very happy until he was 92 years old doing what he loved most, which was composing music, and he did it in a field in which he went against the current, which was composing music for the movies (other composers and the world of cinema despised his work in the beginning). This amazing man enjoyed composing music so much that he didn’t stop doing it until his death at the age of 92.

In the film, you see a guy full of energy just explaining to you how he was inspired to write music for the movies.

Every 10 years he said to himself that he stopped composing for the cinema and returned to classic music. But when he turned 80, he said  he would not do it ever.

The westerns.

As a spectator, I remember having seen Sergio Leone’s films about westerns and being enchanted by his films starring Clint Eastwood.

After seeing Ennio Morricone’s movie, you realize that western movies weren’t for an Oscar. What elevated them was Ennio’s music. Clint Eastwood was also pretty attractive and interesting I have to say.

As you watch the movie you realize what this man has contributed to the world of cinema.

Famous people appear in the film giving their opinion about how much this man has done for the history of cinema. They also say that although they gave him two Oscars, he had not been sufficiently recognized.

I share that opinion 100%.

Why do we go to the cinema?

I’m not going to stay super sad because the movie is a tragedy. The movie has to be very good for me to accept that. Life is quite complicated for me to want to complicate it even more. I also accept in the cinema that they make me think, that they surprise me or that they make me enjoy with all 5 senses. Above all, I go to the movies looking for them to move me.

Mr. Morricone has made me emotional like a few others.

The Mission: Trailer

Watching the movie got me thinking. Will the movie “The Mission” not be his music? And yes it was. Perhaps the most beautiful part of the film is when he says that he cannot compose music for that film because from what he has seen, he believes that he cannot improve it with his music. Boy did he improve it! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

Mr. Morricone teaches us that emotion can enter through sight but the emotion that enters us through hearing is much more subtle and complementary to that of sight.

Thank you Mr. Morricone for your work and for your way of enjoying life with that passion until you were 92 years old.

Wine tourism. With the 5 senses.

But let’s also talk about wine tourism.

Wine tourism in the winery

Visiting wineries
Visiting wineries

Doing wine tourism we can say that the pleasure is even greater because in wine tourism we not only use sight and hearing. We also use smell and taste and even touch and very likely they will tell us an amazing story, before tasting the wines of a cellar. At least that’s what I expect every time I visit a winery.

Behind every good wine or there has to be a beautiful story and if they haven’t created it they still have to create it if they manage to tell that beautiful story they will be able to make their visitors enjoy it with all 5 senses.

In addition, a well-told story is much more attractive with a glass of wine in hand.

Let’s watch good movies with good music and visit wineries with good wines with beautiful stories.


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