I am in love with the windmills of La Mancha. 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷 Some good friends think I am in love with the windmills of La Mancha. They are right. They have prepared for me a cake representing the winebus and the windmills for my birthday. It was a cake and I was really

Spain is the country of thousands wines. There are 70 denominations of origin in the whole country and several thousands wineries all over the place. Wine has been in our culture since more than 2000 years ago. Some wine purist people, when tasting wines, want to focus on the organoleptic characteristics of our wines .

Is anything more romantic than taking your partner to a wine tour for Saint Valentine´s Day? Book for 90 euros each. Not long ago a couple came to us saying that they came directly from Venice, and that he, kneeling on the ground, in a gondola, asked her in marriage, while the gondolier took them

Enjoying our trips with our five senses with a glass of wine in hand. What we do all time is visiting places around Madrid that are worth to be visited. And we do it with one of the most important treasures that Spain has. Its wines. We have beautiful wines and wineries in the north,

Lambs and wine is also a nice pairing. When somebody goes to Ribera del Duero is expecting to visit beautiful wineries, drink nice wines and listen to attractive speachs, but it is not so usual that you find in the middle of the road a big group of sheeps. In the wine sector you can

In a winery of La mancha during the Harvest Night in summer. I ask myself sometimes ¡f the people who go to visit wineries are different from the rest. And I say they are not different. They have just a different attitude when they are looking to have experiences out fo the ordinary. I also

What are you looking when visiting a winery? What we offrer is to visit wineries that awake and make you enjoy with your five senses fon any of the following reasons (There can be more): Because They have a beautiful speach. They have a nice facility. The personality of the person who is conducting the

No. We were in a wine tour, after having visited a couple of amazing wineries. It was December 28 th. It was a very foggy day in Ribera del Duero. The sun was already gone. The wise decision would have been to go back to Madrid at that time in such a foggy and dark