Don Quijote and Sancho Panza were in one of our tours.  At the begining of the tour I did not pay to them to much attention. I thought they were dressed quite odd. But after being in la Mancha watching the windmills, the taller began to say he only saw giants. Giants? Where? Just in

Ribera del Duero also makes white wines I love Ribera del Duero. Maybe because I go frequently and I know certain projects thoroughly. I love their wines and their stories. A recent history of Ribera del Duero is that since the Aprracion de Origen de Ribera del Duero they have given permission to make white

Visits to the winery, so that instead of having to sell wine, they buy it from you. I have been writing for many years about the immense possibilities that winemakers open their cellars for the visit of visitors and tourists. I started writing in a blog about how the possibilities of a winemaker and his

Following the steps of don Quijote. What to visit in la Mancha. Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember. I am a devoted fan of Don Quijote and Cervantes. An amazing thing is happening to me with La Mancha. Surely those who come with me to visit it feel satisfied with

We love to visit castles while going for wine. We love going for wine and also visiting castles as a complement. This is a very good combination. And we have both things so handy from Madrid that for us to limit ourselves to visiting wineries would not make sense considering the monumental heritage we have.

Not all wines are the same in Ribera del Duero. It’s amazing how the name of the game have changed in the sale of wine in Ribera del Duero. In the 60s there were people who uprooted their oldest vines because they considered that it was not profitable to have old vines with low productivity

Why is Portugal independent of Spain? This is a question that my visitors ask us when visiting our wine tours. And to me, who loves history I have read a little about the subject. I am not a scholar or a historian, I just like to tell and write stories to my visitors and read

We are interested in stories related to wine. In our tours apart from wines and wineries we are interested in telling stories related to wine, with the bodcgas where they are made those wines and with the history of the area where they are located. Many of our clients are Americans and enjoy learning about