Invented 1000 years ago
243 @ label

@ was invented 1000 years ago

It was not invented by Internet. This sign could be more than 1000 years old. It is measure of capacity in Spain used in the medieval. In the 70 s in internet they were looking for a sign in the conventional keyboard that was not used on the 21 th century and they found the @ to be used for emails.

The @ was around 16 litres and sometimes there were some containers sending olive oil or wine to one of the European harbours. The receiver would read for instance 243@london abd would understand that that was an address so they would say 243 ad London.

Somebody with a beautiful winery very closed to Madrid is telling you that story. If you visit his facility in a winery only 30 miles from Madrid. He is telling you that story when you look at a container of 3948 litres or 243@.


its label

This man tells us they decided to put on the wine that they make on this container 243 @ in its label.

After listening to such a nice story do you think the wine was not good? Let me answer to you some other way. I never had a bad wine after a nice story, just the opposite. And on this winery it happened just the same.

I do not know if you are a wine lover visiting Madrid or just a freeky living in this town . In both cases let me know that you are coming or that you want to visit them and I will take you where they make such nice wines and tell such nice stories.

Written by Ignacio Segovia

CEO of




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