Sunset in the windmills of La Mancha
Sunset in the windmills

How the windmills wine tour works.

Most of our visitors know about Don Quixote and have quite a nice attitude towards Don Quixote but they do not have very specific expectations.

And our goal is that we cover by far those expectations.

What we offer is a wine tour so we try that our approach to the wine has to come not to late because we believe that #everythingisbetterwithaglassofwine in hand. And we visit other things that our visitors might not expect which is 1 castle or even 2.

It is our time to say to them that the region we are visiting is called Castilla (castle) La Mancha.

When you come you realize by yourself that you are in the biggest surface of the world in vineyards. Most of them planted in bush with no irrigation system.

The windmills

Most of the wine that is being produced on this region is being made for bulk production, but what we do is visiting hose wineries that in many cases they are already in other regions of Spain and come to this region know that they can make quality wines because they have found quality vines. For me, those winemakers are like Don Quixote fighting against the giants. They do just the same knowing that they will have to do an extra effort in order to show the market that their wines are as good or even better than other wines in other regions of the world.

But the best experience in this tour is of course when visiting the windmills.

They are upon different hills of La Mancha in order to have enough wind to push its huge pales.
It does not matter at what time you arrive to see them but the important thing is the magnificent scenery you have when you approach, what you can see from them that is in a very prominent hill and to get into one of them and understand how they work and how life was in the XVIth century on this region.

But what you will never forget is the wine we have in there during sunset.

This is what you can see in this picture.

I am sure these people that appear in the picture will never forget the experience. Because it happens to me that I can not forget it.

Cheers my friends!

Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of

Madrid Wine Tours

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