Chistopher Columbus and the Catholics Kings, the most important actors in Spanish history.  
Spanish history and wine

Chistopher Columbus and the Catholics Kings

You find 15th and 16th century monuments anywhere in Spain. a good debate in wine tourism.
Chistopher Columbus and the Catholics Kings are very present in the wine tours we propose. Because our wine tours are not only wine but also listen to nice stories with a glass of wine in hand. The presence of these 3 people are all over the place no matter they lived more than five hundred years ago.

Why is this so? For many reasons.

We have all over many monuments from the medieval, we do not have earthquakes, and when we were in war we killed each other as fiercely as others did but we did not have the weapons to demolish what we had in front.

At the same time when Isabella de Castilla and Fernando de Aragon got married and after, together they reconquered the last land that was in the hands of the Arabs in our country. So, in their time it was the first time that Spain became a kingdom as a whole. It was the time of the discovery of America and all that this discovery implied.

This is tge reason why…

The map of Spain and the borders of its kingdoms were constantly changing in the middle ages.

It also happened that as for centuries the borders between the Christians and the Arabs were changing all the time. The Christians not only changed the borders but also the capital of their kingdom. Even the Catholic Kings, trying to reconquer the land they had a moving court that followed them any time they moved.

In other countries like UK or France happened something different. London and Paris have been the capital of their countries since ever.

The possibility of changing in Spain the capital of the country from the traditional powerful towns of the medieval as Toledo, Segovia, Avila or Valladolid pushed Philip II to establish as the capital of Spain in Madrid, a little town by that time, in order to take the power out from the church and the nobles.

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