Our wine tours in summer are something different

The Magic Nights of the Winebus the best summer experience.

In the first trips of the Winebus we decided that our wine day tours would consist on going to a certain winery, that we ate at a certain place and that we did a certain afternoon activity.

The summer “fiestas” in Ribera, Rueda and La Mancha in summer took us naturally to create the Magic Nights of the Winebus.


Spain is a country with many attractions for the visitor.

In Spain we have many things that distinguish us from other countries. We are a special, unrepeatable country and although the tourism to this country began with people looking for a privileged climate, an attractive coastline, good gastronomy and having all that inside Europe. The northern European were coming on vacation or looking to retire in our country living closed to one of our beaches.

I recently read an article that impressed me a lot. One in six houses in this country are bought by foreigners. 65% of visitors come from the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. Another fact that impressed me was knowing that 40% of the Scandinavians (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, I do not know if also the Finns) come at least on vacation to Spain once a year.

We are for many northern Europeans what Florida is for the Americans of the East Coast.


Interior Tourism is even more attractive than coastal tourism.

But now tourism is turning to indoor tourism, offering something much more attractive than what our coasts offer.

We have a monumental tourism, a history, a gastronomy and some cities that many are Universal Heritage.

And we are very good organizing “fiestas”. One of the first to discover it was Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway made the word “fiesta” known worldwide.

Many of our fiestas are associated with the night.

Something also happens that has to do with empty Spain. With the demand for jobs in the big cities and the lack of work in rural Spain, there was a very important migratory flow to the big cities.


The cities and towns of the interior have become very attractive attractions during their summer parties.

The cities and towns where all these people came from missed all those people who were leaving wanted to have a reason to make those poeple come back at least once a year. They invented a fiesta that succeeded on making them return one day in the year. And they did it so well that not only did their former neighbors come, but also other Spaniards without ties to the city or town in question. We, from the Winebus, we want to involve our national and foreign clients in all that attractiveness that comes from incredible fiestas.

The plan of the Magic Nights of the Winebus starts every year with a visit to a winery and participation in the Concierto de las Velas in Pedraza on the first Saturday of July. Pedraza is a medieval city with incredible charm. The first two Saturdays of July they organize two concerts of classical music. They bring one of the most important orchestras of the world to offer no more than to 3.000 people a classical music concert. To enrich the experience they remove all the lights in town and put in their place 30.000 candles that make those Saturdays the most mystical and appetizing place on earth. Those candles make people speak more softly for the respect and the atmosphere that is generated and for the great illusion about what they are going to live. So you are in a show surrounded by 30000 candles and having another 30000 stars as the roof of your seat.

This is a show that we do not want to miss. For us it means the opening of the Magic Nights of the Winebus in Summer program. The program begins with this tour to Pedraza and continues every Saturday in July and August.

We think that in the summer the night becomes much more attractive and that, probably some consider that the mornings become very hot.


The Magic Nights of the Winebus.

The Magic Nights of the Winebus Program instead of leaving at 9.30 in the morning on Saturdays, we leave at approximately 3.30 pm and do what we have always done that is to visit a charming winery so that they tell us their story, visit their facilities, they explain their process and we finally taste their wines.

After this we go to the city in fiestas to enjoy with those who are there. But we do it in a different way from the people who assist to this event. We take care that our visitors enjoy of a picnic with fresh White wine that we got from the winery we visited previously. So we offer to our visitors some additional setrvice that makes this night unforgettable.

We go back to Madrid  and leave our visitors in Central Madrid at 2 AM closed to their hotels with a broad smile in their faces that show they have a very special day and night.


Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of Winebus.es

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