Have you ever been in a Spanish Parador?
Paradores in Spain

Recommendations for getting into a Spanish Parador

If I were a foreigner that has come a few times to Spain. I would consider to use the network of Paradores Nacionales to use them as hotels during you time in Spain.

And I would do that for many reasons

1 Because they all located in towns or places where it is worth to visit for sure

2 Because they are old castles or very emblematic old buildings. To sleep in such a special place is something unforgettable.

3 Because they have in common the service they are giving you in each of them. So once you have visited one you have understood what the service is going to be and which is the common philosophy that there is behind. So when youe are moving from one to a different facility you will not have to be concerned about how they are going to take careo f you.

4 Most of them have such a nice story inside that you are tempted not to get out of the Parador and this would be the wrong decision. Because around the Paradores there are also very nice stories, in many cases even better than the one in the  Parador. But please spend some time to know the story of the Parador you are lodged because manyo f them are fascinating.

5 The prices of 1 night are really competitive and so the ratío quality/price becomes really attractive..

6) Most of them have also a very nice landscapeof the town you are visiting.

Ask for a booklet when you visit a Parador.

When you get to one ask for a booklet in which appear al lof them. If you read it a Little bit you will wish to be in a hundred different places at the same time.

So, my recommendation if you are a frequent visitor of Spain or even if you are not that you try once in one of them and you feel the experience by yourself.


Written by:

Ignacio Segovia

CEO of Winebus.es

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