Visiting castles in Spain with a glass of wine
A glass of wine in a castle

One of the reasons for coming for holidays to Spain: the castles.

One is that you are coming to a place where there are two regions that are called Castilla, Castilla y León and Castilla La Mancha. Castilla means castillo, means castle. There are plenty of castles around Madrid. 

We try to visit many of them. Love history. We are in a place where the stones are talking. Spain have a very rich medieval patrimony and history, completely different from the one that there can be in the rest of Europe. We haven´t to many earth quakes and when we had our wars we did not have strong guns that could demolish the monuments. That is why we have a splendid patrimony kept in many cases in very good condition

As we are in the south of Europe and closed to Africa, that meant that we had to live a different experience in our past. Maybe something in common 16 with the Roman influence when they invaded us. But completely different in the medieval. Arabs entered into Spain in 711 and the conquered  nearly the whole land in 7 years. And it took seven hundred years to reconquer the land. We were lucky that when the Arabs were in here they were living a more sofisticarse society than the one of the Christians. If you come to the north of Madrid you will find Castilian castles that reflect the austerity of the castillians, the cold that is in winter on this area.

You will see very strong and solid castles with a lot of personality..

The castles are improving the wine experience. Wine improves the visit of the castles experience.

The one you see is on of these castles that were built in order to make an imaginary line to prevent a potential reconquest from the Arabs.

When we do our wine tours we visit those places. We want to think that all we see you can feel it inside the glass you are tasting. Thinking that way make you have even a greater experience.


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