Dulcinea looking at Don Quixote in the windmills.
Dulcinea looking at Don Quijote in the windmills

Statue of Dulcinea looking at Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the Windmills of la Mota del Cuervo.

We know that Don Quixote was in love with Dulcinea. But what did Dulcinea think about Don Quixote? Look at this picture and imagine what was in Dulcinea’s mind when thinking about the famous Knight of La Mancha? What is Sancho Panza doing? Oh my God! He is drinking wine! He was also a wine lover from the XVI century! Cheers to you Sancho Panza!

It is very interesting my experience in La Mancha. La Mancha is known all over the world because of the most read book in the Spanish language. We are talking about El Quijote written By D Miguel de Cervantes I the sixteenth or seventeenth century.

It is funny how when you visit different villages of the region The guides fo each village which was the specific relationship with Don Quijote and his writer.

In the windmills of La Mota del Cuervo I have been told that when Cervantes writes. ‘Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember’. They say in La Mota del Cuervo that Cervantes is referring to them because they did not treat Cervantes very well on that time and that is why he does not care to remember. 

When you go to Campo de Criptana they tell you that when Cervantes tries to fight against a windmill he considers a giant. Cervantes is writing that in that village there were 30 or 40 windmills and the only place in La Mancha with such a huge number of windmills is Campo de Criptana.

I knew already there was a great debate in different towns about which was the real town that Cervantes was talking about.

Different towns of La Mancha are present in the book “El Quijote”

The last thing I heard about that debate was in El Toboso. There is an interesting winery that is trying to have arguments to say that others might fight about which windmills Cervantes is writing about. But there is no doubt that Dulcinea was from El Toboso and that is why they have called their winery Bodegas Campos de Dulcinea

By the way they are making a very good wine in there.  The wine is called “Vale”. This wine is going to give the owners very good news for sure. The wine is not only very good but it has a very nice story behind.

The winemaker said to us that the name of the wine is because  Cervantes instead of saying the end at the end of the book he ends with the word Vale. That is a funny way of ending a book. “Vale” means in Spanish “ok” and also “it is enough”. The book is very long. Maybe Cervantes was exhausted after having ended such a long book and that could be the reason for saying it is enough.

It goes on Do not miss El Toboso when you visit La Mancha and the windmills.


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