Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Breathless moments.

I saw this phrase and what the phrase says happened to me. It took my breath away. We are in this world to live worthwhile moments, moments that make you lose your breath.

When you are 20 years old you think that is the usual thing. You find yourself on certain occasions when you lose your breath. Then, you are turning years and checking that life is giving you worries and disappointments.

And you get out of breath sometimes for nothing positive reasons. And so we value much more when we enjoy an experience with the 5 senses.

Out of breath for doing things fast.

Driving a Ferrari
Driving a Ferrari

To go to Ribera del Duero we take the Burgos road. After 15 minutes, a racing circuit appears to our left, all full of billboards that tell you immediately where you are. That is the Jarama circuit.

High-level car races and the motorcycle world championship were held therein from 1970 to 1985.

That circuit so closed to Madrid, woke up the love for the motor in our country at that time. There we met local champions like Ángel Nieto, Sito Pons, Emilio de Villota.

It is no longer used for high-level competitions due to being left behind in terms of security measures.

Now it is dedicated to teaching sports driving and to be rented for people who have powerful cars that cannot run on the normal road as they would like.

And it was a friend of Ferrari who invited me to live an unforgettable experience. He invited me to sit in the passenger seat. And it started. It started as if there was no tomorrow.

On the circuit, there seemed to be no straights of how fast he was going. My eyes popped out of my eye socket and my breathing hitched.

We did a couple of laps on the circuit and almost out of breath I said ah ah ah, how fun! I think it is enough with those two laps that we have already done.

I can understand the excitement of doing things fast, but I am at a stage in my life where I enjoy doing things slowly much more.

Out of breath for making things slow.

Castles and wine


Wine tourism is to enjoy life slowly. I am a life lover and I achieve this by being, among other things, a wine lover.

What we propose with our tours is the opposite. It is about enjoying the experience very, very slowly to enjoy with the 5 senses. I do not renounce the other but in our case, when we are tasting wines in the cellar we do things very slowly. And we do the same when we go to eat or carry out a complementary activity to that of visiting wineries.

In a medieval castle with a glass of wine.

I remember in one of our Madrid Wine Tours we visited a fantastic winery in Ribera del Duero. We took a bottle of its wine. And when we were visiting one of the magnificent castles that embellish the surroundings of Ribera del Duero take out the bottle and good glasses. How important it is to drink good wine with good glasses, right?

It occurred to me to ask my visitors where the wine tasted better. If it was better in the cellar or if the wine had improved by the simple fact of being in an 11th-century castle with an extraordinary landscape. We had easily spent 10 minutes looking at tlhe castle and the landscape and savoring the wine.

My visitor looked at me. And visibly excited he told me. I don’t care where the wine is better but one thing if I tell you. That I don’t give up any of the two experiences. So thanks for making me enjoy both.

I do not know very well why but it happens very often that if we visit a monument or enjoy a landscape after 5 minutes my visitors start moving as if requesting in a mute language that it is time to move.

Looking to infinity with a glass of wine in hand.

When one is with a glass of wine one can be looking at the infinite making time pass without measure because we want to. Something happens with wine, in a privileged place we always try to taste it very, very slowly.

In the Winebus we are lucky people. The people who come know more or less what they are going to find and help from minute one to make the activity as good as possible. It is the same activi

ty that acts as a filter. That filter makes 98% of the people who come to be extremely interesting people.


You can look at infinity with a glass of wine in hand much better if you are in front of an unforgettable sunset…

Have you heard about the Spanish Paradores?

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