Cuenca, Spain. A fairytale city at dusk.
Cuenca Spain

Cuenca at night, unforgettable if you come to Spain

Cuenca is the city that if you come to Spain you would not visit in the past, because Toledo, Segovia, Avila were much better communicated

The AVE (fast speed train) you were in Segovia and Toledo from Madrid in 25 minutes, 1 hour by car

Cuenca took at least an hour and a half by car and its winding road and its location made it necessary to go expressly. 

Now things have changed because the AVE, with its route to Valencia, makes a stop in Cuenca. You are now in Cuenca by train just 1 hour from Madrid.

My personal experience with Cuenca

I personally have a special relationship with Cuenca. I visited it for the first time when I was 16 years old. I did it on a school field trip. We had spent the previous day in Barcelona, ​​spending the night in that city.

Imagine, among 100 other kids on a field trip how little we slept the night before.

When I took the bus the next day I was really a mess, very sleepy and with very little desire to see monuments.

So, I did not see anything about Cuenca. I had an unfair conclusion that in Cuenca there was nothing to be seen.

Years passed and much later the opportunity arose to visit it again. Given past experience, I had no expectations.

Cuenca is wonderful, especially at dusk

I arrived in the city just before dark and stayed at the Parador Nacional, which is the most beautiful hotel by far in the whole city.

It is located in a place where you can see the hanging houses (casas colgantes)  from a privileged place. It’s a great experience.

If you visit the town at night, everything becomes magic, the lighting makes you think they have taken you to a fairy tale town. You would say you are in Hansel and Gretel’s story.

After what I have told you, what do I recommend? Well, that you do the same as I did but that you get to the city with the high-speed train, to be in Cuenca in just 1 hour. Book a room at the Parador (you will be surprised about the competitive prices of this hotel) and that take a guided tour in which they will explain the history of the city.

Cuenca and Ronda are twin cities in Spain

This city is unique in the world because it is in the middle of a gorge that divides the city in two. Awesome.

I can think of only one other city with similar characteristics, Ronda in the province of Malaga.

As I was in Cuenca I thought it was the most beautiful city I had ever seen. But maybe this is a comment I sad before when visiting other towns. I am a lucky man because I had felt several times I was in the best place in the right time.

Anyway. Don’t forget to visit Cuenca. The visit can be an unforgettable experience.

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