Vale means OK in Spanish… and much more. Wine storytelling
wine storytelling

How do you say in Spanish “Vale”? It means “ok” … and much more.

I attach a video. It is an ad made by Estrella Damm, a local beer brand that tells a story that might happen in one of our tours that come to my hair to tell what happens on our tours.

In this video, they play with the word “OK.”

What happens in the video is that a Spaniard tries to explain to an attractive foreigner what the word “Vale” means in English. An insider appears and says that “Vale” simply means “ok”.  But what the local wants to transmit is that a word means every little or big experience you remember you had when using the word.  “Vale” is a very permissive word that a Spaniard uses when they propose him to do something to have fun or to do anything. He says “Vale”. The movie is saying that if you are a foreigner and begin to say “Vale” instead of Ok it means you begin to think and enjoy like a local. And this is the purpose.

Storytelling is very important in our wine tours from Madrid. Come with us

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When you travel you want to live experiences like local. Don´t you?

What I would like to think that in each of our tours there would be an atmosphere like the one you see in the video. Or said in fewer words that you feel like a local surrounded by friends.

Wine storytelling is a beautiful activity.

My relationship with wine tourism is a relationship of falling in love with a sector that was not part of my life 20 years ago. But here I am. And I wonder why I love stories well told.

I always say there are:

Two sectors in which storytelling is more appreciated.

1) The movies. In the movies, they can tell you very beautiful stories and they have even contests like the Hollywood Oscars, The cinema allows you to find and listen to beautiful stories.

2) The wine sector and visits to wineries.

But I would say that visiting wineries is even much better than the movie sector. Because in the movies they are telling you in most of cases stories that are only in the mind of the scriptwriter and there are actors that pretend they are living specific situations that are just invented by the scriptwriter.

In the world of wine, we don’t need actors. We need people who speak from their hearts. They tell us about what they have done to make good wines, and the obstacles they had to achieve it. They tell you a compelling story.

In the world of wine, nobody becomes a millionaire from one day to the next. It is very different from what can happen on Wall Street. Winemakers know that part of the name of the game is being in the hands of nature. They show, more than anything, their love for what they do.

You listen to their story and if you like the story you know you are going to taste great wines. Then you drink their wines, and you imagine that everything they said is in the glass that you are drinking. Then you think you feel like being in heaven.

You know what?  

That behind a good wine there is always a magnificent story. If you visit a winery, if you hear a beautiful story, there can only be a good wine later. Everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand.

Oh my God. Forget what I just wrote. It is much better to go to a winery than to go to the movies.

As a summary. Storytelling and drinking wine are a beautiful pairing.

Cheers, my friends!

Bodegas Yllera

In the picture in front of this post, there is a Rueda winery (100 miles northwest from Madrid) with beautiful facilities. This winery is Bodegas Yllera. When you visit this winery they tell you a story of wine related to the amazing Greek mythology. A beautiful pairing !!!

In our tours, we do not limit ourselves to visiting wineries. We try to do what is worthwhile in the area that complements the visit to the Bodega. This may be gastronomy (going to a good restaurant or having very good tapas and wine), visiting medieval cities, castles, enjoying local “fiestas”. In short, everything that we think can allow our visitors to enjoy the experience with their five senses.

We do those activities with a glass of wine in hand.  We do that because we firmly believe that everything is better with a glass of wine in hand.

The cinema, on a good number of occasions, is also very good


Come to one of our wine tours and realize it by yourself.

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