The Spanish Empire in the 16th century
Nacimiento de España y Portugal.

The Spanish Empire in the 16th century

I am a wine lover. I am a wine lover who is passionate about history. I love receiving foreigners and telling them my own version about the history of Spain and the history of wine in Spain.
I have the feeling of assembling a huge puzzle that never ends. And it is an immense pleasure when I put a new piece in that immense puzzle. I do not pretend to be a scholar of the subject, but I love to enjoy telling the history of Spain to foreigners who visit us.

Many of them have a little knowledge of our history. It is my responsibility to make them understand the subject so that they enjoy the experience and the wines they taste much more.

We offer much more than a wine tasting. We also want to tell the story of the wines and their surroundings. The trips we make through the wineries of Castilla y León and Castilla La Mancha are long enough to have great conversations that fall short when we delve into certain issues. Being able to meet people with an interest in drinking good wines, listening to beautiful stories that give meaning to those wines and their surroundings is an unspeakable pleasure for me. In such a situation, one, besides enjoying, makes friends.

Curiously, when I’m in the big city, that interest in meeting new people doesn’t drive me crazy. Those who come with a specific interest in knowing Spain and its wines are a reward that I did not expect when I started doing this activity.


The world changed greatly in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Gutemberg’s printing press (the invention of typography) changed the communication. The future kings of Castile and Aragon married each other.

Sailing with sailing was discovered that allowed ships to sail with unfavorable winds. The first ones who took advantage of it were the Portuguese. They invented the Africa n way to reach Asia.

In Europe there was already a great need for many products from India and China and there was already a flourishing trade through the silk route. That route was tremendously dangerous. 8 out of 10 caravans were assaulted by bandits ..
With the capture of Constantinople (what is now Istanbul) the silk route is cut and the first solution was given by the Portuguese, inventing the African route that circumnavigated Africa and reached India and China. That was a huge wealth for Portugal that turned that route into a monopoly.

In Spain there were several factors that made the fifteenth and sixteenth century the most splendid of the Spanish empire:
1) Two people with a very good head were married: Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón.
2) Together they finished the reconquest of Spain with the conquest of Granada, Since then it is the whole Spanish territory a whole. These two kingdoms had also obtained more territory by way of arms.
3) The tremendous eye to marry his daughter with the heir of the German empire
4) That the grandson of the Catholic kings inherit not only the Spanish Empire but the German empire.
5) The discovery of America and all that this meant.
6) In the reign of Carlos 1 of Spain it was Magellan, a Portuguese sailor who convinced the emperor that he could go around the world, and he did so even though he died in the attempt (500 years after Magallanes left this year).

It is curious that in both cases, both Columbus and Magellan proposed to the King of Portugal to undertake their companies under his support. It was so much that gave them the African way that prevented them from supporting these new adventures. How much would have changed the world if the promoters of these companies had been undertaken by the Portuguese. We will never know that.


One of the many stories that we tell in Winebus

These types of stories are what we like to tell in our Winebus trips through Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero, by Wheel, by Castilla La Mancha, by Avila, by Cuenca, by Cáceres… The stories are part of our Madrid wine tours.

These kinds of stories are what make us visit cities like Turijillo, a city par excellence where many conquerors were born and returned after their successful campaigns or died in the effort. We seek not only the cities but the wine cellars with very good wines that allow us to make a dream trip in which they tell us beautiful stories and we can listen to them with a glass of wine in hand.

We want to enjoy the present recalling wonderful stories of the past enjoying a product of the present such as wine. Wine that we have in Spain in large quantities and whose quality is among the best in the world.

Come with us to live one of our madrid wine tour


Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of Winebus

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